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high level reasoning quiz 3

Forget what happened ,forget what will happen remember only what you have possible options  because if you are thinking about your future and past you are also wasting your current opportunities so focus on your current goal give your best and do what ever you want to do we will always with you. Quiz 3 Four friends Aarvind, Bharat ,chandrapaul and daniel went for an excursion with their wives preeti,,Revati,Sarvani,and Vanita not necessarily in the same order.Each couple hails from  a different city amongst Mumbai,Chennai,Kolkatta, and Hyderabad not necessarily in that order.They went to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal,Where they sat in a row.Each wife always sat to the immediate right of her husband. i)Bharat sat to the immediate right of Preeti. ii)Daniel is from hyderabad and Preeti is not from Mumbai. iii)Revati and her husband were sitting to the immediate right of the couple that hailed from chennai. iv)Chandrapaul and his wife were sitting to the immediate left of the couple
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high level reasoning quiz 2

WELCOME  back to  high level reasoning quiz puzzles hope you enjoyed our first quiz.Usually when we prepare for competitive exam we think we can fight all the exams  i.e we prepare for bank exam  beside this  we also opt for ssc exams  in current scenario it seems fine because vacancy is decreasing and competition is increasing day by day  so to survive in this competition we have to explore all the oppurtunities but one thing we want to tell now competition is at peak we have to give best in our field in which we are preparing  every exam has different procedure,syllabus, especially  now banking exam pattern has changed drastically those days have gone where student  studied three month and cracked the po  now but you have to give atleast 6 months  increase your  level , go for higher level as you can, on the other side you if you are preparing ssc you should completely devote yourself to ssc because ssc demands hard labour , In a succinct way we want to say in  swami vivekanand sty

high level reasoning puzzle quiz 1

hello friends welcome to our blog we always believe  in innovation So now we are starting a quiz of high level reasoning puzzles which will help you in sbi po,ibps po mains exams etc.In each quiz we will post a high level reasoning puzzle we guarantee that these quizzes  will be unique and you will learn from these quizess.Now a days when exam level is unpredictable  so we have to prepare for the worst and practice for the hardest.As we always told you whatever the situation we will always with you. we will  post a high level reasoning puzzle and solution of this  puzzle will give with next quiz which will be posted in next two days. Quiz 1 Five friends meet every morning at sree sagar restaurant for an idle -vada breakfast.Each consumes a different number of idlis and vadas.The number of idlis consumed are 1,4,5,6 and 8.while the number of vadas consumed are 0,1,2,4,6.Below are some more facts about who eats what and how much.    i)The number of Vadas eaten by Ignesh

dsssb tgt computer c++ quiz

TRY ,TRY & TRY until you succed   So keep trying we will always with you in  your credence   Hello friends we are again here with c++ quiz .Again c++ quizzes will c onsist of  three quizzes  with 20 questions each  hope you  will enjoy it .sorry for the long gap but as we said  we always  believe on quality  not quantity hope you are gaining from these quizzes .please give us reviews so we can improve our quizzes .we will also start the quiz section of advance reasoning puzzles. so lets start quiz : Q1 c++ is a a)top down programming approach b)procedurial oriented approach c)Bottom up programming approach d)None of these Q2 default return type for all function in c++ a)int b)float c)void d)char Q3.c++ developed by whom and when a)bjarne stratroup & 1980 b)dennis retchie &19882 c) bjarne stratroup&1982 d)none of these Q4.what is reference variable in c++? a)to create the alias name of particular variable and operator b)to cre

dsssb c quiz 3

If you fail today,does not mean you are going to fail tomorrow  , So getup and move ahead   we will always with you Sorry for the procastinating of this quiz but we believe on quality not quantity.Here we are with our quiz 3  c language Q1.A single character input from the keyboard can a)printf() b)getchar() c)putchar() d)scanf() Q2.A variable that holds the memory address of another object is  called a)integer b)pointer c)constant d)memory variable Q3.which of the following operation doesnot work on pointers a)addition of two pointer b)multiplication of a pointer with a constant c)divison of  a pointer with a constant d)all of  these Q4.which of the following is invalid string constan t a)’7.15’ b)”I like c” c)”7.32” d)none of these Q5.The malloc () fuction a)returns a pointer to the memory memory b)return a pointer  to the first byte of region of memory c)c hanges the size of allocated memory d)dellocates the memory Q6 A union

Dssb Tgt computer:Data Structure and algorithm book download

"Success is not final ,failure is not fatal:it is the  courage to continue to count"       So forget about your failure ,learn from it and deploy it for future opportunities   Now we are here with reference book of Data Structure and Algorithm   : Shaaum Series   Again we will recommend  you not read this book thoroughly read some  basic topic thoroughly  which will clear your basic knowledge of this subject.Here we are recommnending you some basic  and important topics:   a)Array   b)Linked list   c)Stack(Postfiax and infix conversion is must)   d)Knowledge of Stack applications   e)learn the time and space complexity of sorting tecniques  f)Queue  g)Tree(Binary tree,preorder,inorder,postorder traversal)  h)Graph(Basic terminology) i)Hashing j)Data processing,information ,file, directory Here is the link you can dowload this If you any conceptual problem regarding these topics

C language quiz 2

" NO  MOUNTAIN  is too high to climb,  NO SEA is too deep to dive,  NO DREAM is too distant to achieve,  ONLY  IF YOU BELIEVE ” SO believe on yourself ,do whatever you want to do .Here we are our Quiz : Quiz 2(C language) Q1.In c language ,if you want to show the remaninder of  division which operaror will be used? a)modulo division operator 2)divison operator 3)unary operator 4)none of these Q2.which operator has highest precedence? a)function expression b)increment operator c)value at address operator d)None of these Q3.Which operator return the no. of bytes the operand occupy in memory? a)Size of operator b)get operator c)count operator d)none of these Q4.To force the compiler to expilicity convert the value of expression to a particular datatype is known as? a)Type conversion b)type modifier c)Type casting d)none of these Q5.which one is correct initialisation of for loop? a)for(i=1;1<=2;i++) b)for(  ;i<=2;   )